ReadyCorp &trade

Be a ReadyCorps&trade Partner
NCORP established and promotes ReadyCorps&trade, a program that sets goals and methods its members can use to prepare for threat or crisis. Following a 10-point program, ReadyCorps&trade partners can prepare not only company employees and their families for threat or crisis, but also enable, support and help train employees to be community resources as volunteers in a wide variety of capacities.
NA ReadyCorps&trade partner is considered a ReadyCorp, able to work actively with FEMA, DHS and other federal, state and local authorities to become part of their community response strategy. There are many benefits in being a ReadyCorp&trade, as well as providing the community an invaluable partner to prepare, respond and recover from threat or crisis.
Former Governor Jim Gilmore (Virginia) established NCORP to continue the work of the Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (known as the Gilmore Commission) which issued a recommendation to develop a broad and central role for the citizen and private sector in homeland security.